e-Commerce Fulfillment Service

E-commerce fulfillment service is the best what we can provide for our clients. We are a team of professionals who have a wealth of knowledge about logistics. We have launched a new project that aims to provide logistic services for online stores. Our primary goal is to develop the e-commerce market in Poland, Europe and in the World. We provide the necessary help in organizing the logistics and warehousing of goods. We opened our first warehouse in 2005 in Warsaw. Now we have two warehouses. The second newly opened in a great location in the center of Poland in Ożarów Mazowiecki. Our warehouse team is very experienced and qualified. Thanks to them we are able to pack and send hundreds of our customer’s packages a day. In order to achieve this, we have signed contracts with the largest transport companies in Poland, which handle domestic and foreign shipments.

Warehouse is the main thing of e-commerce fulfillment service

Our warehouse in Ozarów Mazowiecki is one of the most modern in Poland. It has over 9,000 places on shelves and more than 4,500 pallets. It is suitable for storing all types of products stored on pallets. Our warehouse has equipment like electric trolleys, cold store, special places for goods like drugs and a conveyor for smaller goods. It has also automatic air humidity monitoring and whole warehouse has air condition. Shipping containers can be operated by two gates, so receiving and issuing goods is fast and efficient. We provide storage services for a wide variety of customers operating in various industries, so our warehouses are prepared for the storage of very different goods.

Which types of business need fulfillment service?

Our storage services are able for all companies from around the World. If you have a businnes in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France or any other country and you want to reduce your warehousing and delivery costs then you should try our fullfilment center. Our offer is prepared for all online stores that need logistics service. You can move your goods to our warehouse and we will take care of the rest. We will store your products. We will pack them, we will send them to your customers. Sometimes, if necessary, we will also handle returns.


Are you wondering why choose us? Here are some key features that distinguish us from others!


Storage services is our main specialty. Our biggest storage in Ożarów Mazowiecki is one of the most high-tech in Poland. It’s located conveniently in central Poland. This allows quick and easy transport to any place in Poland. It is also a great location for our European and global clients. Close proximity to A2 highway and Warsaw Chopin Airport guarantees express distribution of goods to any place in Europe and plenty of global destinations. Therefore we would also like to recommend our services to foreign entrepreneurs. Our storage is prepared to store various types of materials which can be stored in a variety of ways. We have approx 4,500 pallet spots to store large goods and approx 9,000 spots on the shelves to store smaller items. The smallest packets end up on shelves located in a two-floor mezzanine.

Best conditions for any type of goods – thats our storage services

Since our warehouse is one of the most high-tech in Poland, it is fitted with all the necessary facilities. The most important thing is a special humidity control system. Since the storage is air-conditioned, this system guarantees correct temperature and overall conditions for storing of various types of goods. Apart from that, there is a separate cool house in the storage, dedicated to unusual products which require non-standard storing conditions such as pharmaceuticals.

We care about your goods

Our storage services is fitted with a state-of-the-art security system and is protected 24/7. We cooperate with the finest companies who are responsible for the security of our storage, in order to eliminate any possible dangers. Each product accepted to our storage is being insured for its total value. The costs of this operation are covered by the ordering party. Additionally, goods that are taken into the warehouse are subject to constant quantitative control which we called constant inventory. In order to minimise the time needed to prepare the order for delivery, the goods are stored on shelves and pallets according to their popularity. This means that the goods that are send out most often are stored closest and in the best spot for pick-up.


Deliver the goods to our fulfillment warehouse and we’ll do the rest

The whole process of cooperation with our fulfillment warehouse starts with the delivery of your goods. You just need to order the goods you sell and set our storage as the destination. We’ll take care of the rest. We are prepared to complete the process quickly and efficiently. Our storage is ready to handle high traffic and to perform express operations. The time from the delivery to the acceptance to the storage is never longer than 2 working days. Then it is located in convenient spots to facilitate distribution and reduce the time needed for it. Each delivery is precisely verified. We check if the goods were properly secured, whether any damage happened in transport and most of all, whether the delivery was properly executed. In case of any mistakes, infringements or damages, we immediately make photo-documentation of the problems encountered. Next, we share this documentation with you.

In our fulfillment warehouse errors are almost impossible

Each newly arrived transport of goods can be photographed by client’s request in order to complete its profile in our system. This allows for a better verification of the present storage inventory for our clients. Whole storage operates on our original WMS system. The system and the use of barcodes facilitates the work of our personnel and the whole storage. Completion of the orders is double controlled. Firstly during collection of the goods from the shelves. Then during the process of packing the goods for delivery. Such system almost completely reduces the occurrence of errors. We supply a form for every order. This facilitates this task for your clients even more. They can easily return the goods and you are constantly being informed about the progress. Each returned order is verified in detail. During this process we follow general regulations or your specific instructions in regard to what we should focus on. Thanks to that we can easily eliminate goods not eligible for resale. This stage can also be photographed and documented.


Our biggest advantage is the possibility to reduce shipping costs to your clients. Our company cooperates with the biggest logistics companies from Poland and abroad. We never stop negotiating the shipment prices. Thanks to many years of experience, we know with which companies we should work together and which services we should choose. Client’s satisfaction is always our main priority. We want all our services to be top notch. We know that if the customers of online stores who work with us are happy, than you are too. That’s why cheap courier services are one of our biggest advantages. It allows for expense and product price reduction.

Express delivery time – reduce shipping costs

We’ve been in this business for many years. We know everything about logistics, shipping and transport. We know the domestic and global delivery business and thanks to that we are able to achieve a lot for our clients. Packages prepared at our storage are picked up by couriers at 9 pm. This allows us to prepare the orders that are placed as late as 6 pm the same day. All this makes express delivery to your clients possible! There’s nothing more satisfying for the client of an online store than a next day delivery. Our storage works like a well-oiled machine and the chain of actions performed by our employees is pure perfection. Because of that you can reduce shipping costs.

Enjoy your business! We’ll do the rest!

Our services were born mainly to be convenient for our clients. The idea was to let the client manage their business from behind the laptop, without the need to leave home. Our employees and our system will do it all for them. All that is needed is a bit of clever planning and preparation for our supply chain to work like a well-oiled machine. As soon as our system is notified about your goods being purchased in your online store, our employees begin to take care of completing the order and in a blink of an eye it will be ready to be picked up by a courier or a post office employee.


Send us your answers to the following questions and we will contact you with our offer:

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How much space do you need to store them?
How many orders in a month?
Avarage quantity of products in one order?


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