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eFulfillment Center – How it works?

Would you like to know more about the services of efulfillment provided by our company?

We received numerous enquiries regarding the process of efulfillment service and in order to answer all your questions, we have prepared for you a short explanation of how everything is done and what to expect from E-commerce fulfillment. Take a closer look at the process and see how the system works!

What is the purpose of efulfillment service?

The purpose of efulfillment center is to assist the client with an automated aid regarding the packages. As you know, we are one of the most notable warehouses in Europe with the possibility to ship packages to each and every country all around the world. Due to this fact, our services are most often used to provide our customers the necessary package, where we will focus on packing the products, whereas our clients will be able to focus on selling goods.

How does this system work?

Everything has been prepared in a transparent, clear way in order to facilitate the process as much as it is possible. All you have to do, in order to use efulfillment center, is to deliver to us your goods (you can do it either directly from the producer or from you), implement them to the online system, and now you are ready to use efulfillment in any way you desire.

How to manage the goods?

There are two ways of managing the goods. The first one is a manual method of managing the goods. After implementing the products to our system, you are free to dispatch them at any place you desire. Our system will guide you through the whole process of filling out all the forms and necessary documents. The second manner of using efulfillment is by automated distribution. In order to launch automated distribution, you have to connect your online shop with our control panel. Thanks to that, our system will make sure to distribute all the goods in a proper way.

The compatibility issue

There are variety of selling platforms available on the market. Some of them are less popular, hence other companies similar to our efulfillment service may not provide the necessary support for them. In case of E-Commerce Fulfillment, you are guaranteed to be to receive an optimized software for any digital platform that provides selling services. With us you can reduce shipping costs of your products.

Things you should always take into consideration

When ordering the first shipment, make sure to prepare the cargo in a manner very easy to catalogue. The first stocking is a very important process, where our warehousemen familiarize with your products and catalog them properly.

Always notify warehouse one day before planned delivery. Efulfillment center needs to be informed about incoming shipment in order to prepare everything for receipt. As for larger packages that include containers, it is recommended to provide efulfillment with notification at least several days before the delivery.

If there are any questions regarding efulfillment service topic, feel free to contact with our efulfillment center. We will gladly answer to all your inquiries.


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