Deliver the goods to our fulfillment warehouse and we’ll do the rest

The whole process of cooperation with our fulfillment warehouse starts with the delivery of your goods. You just need to order the goods you sell and set our storage as the destination. We’ll take care of the rest. We are prepared to complete the process quickly and efficiently. Our storage is ready to handle high traffic and to perform express operations. The time from the delivery to the acceptance to the storage is never longer than 2 working days. Then it is located in convenient spots to facilitate distribution and reduce the time needed for it. Each delivery is precisely verified. We check if the goods were properly secured, whether any damage happened in transport and most of all, whether the delivery was properly executed. In case of any mistakes, infringements or damages, we immediately make photo-documentation of the problems encountered. Next, we share this documentation with you.

In our fulfillment warehouse errors are almost impossible

Each newly arrived transport of goods can be photographed by client’s request in order to complete its profile in our system. This allows for a better verification of the present storage inventory for our clients. Whole storage operates on our original WMS system. The system and the use of barcodes facilitates the work of our personnel and the whole storage. Completion of the orders is double controlled. Firstly during collection of the goods from the shelves. Then during the process of packing the goods for delivery. Such system almost completely reduces the occurrence of errors. We supply a form for every order. This facilitates this task for your clients even more. They can easily return the goods and you are constantly being informed about the progress. Each returned order is verified in detail. During this process we follow general regulations or your specific instructions in regard to what we should focus on. Thanks to that we can easily eliminate goods not eligible for resale. This stage can also be photographed and documented.