Storage services is our main specialty. Our biggest storage in Ożarów Mazowiecki is one of the most high-tech in Poland. It’s located conveniently in central Poland. This allows quick and easy transport to any place in Poland. It is also a great location for our European and global clients. Close proximity to A2 highway and Warsaw Chopin Airport guarantees express distribution of goods to any place in Europe and plenty of global destinations. Therefore we would also like to recommend our services to foreign entrepreneurs. Our storage is prepared to store various types of materials which can be stored in a variety of ways. We have approx 4,500 pallet spots to store large goods and approx 9,000 spots on the shelves to store smaller items. The smallest packets end up on shelves located in a two-floor mezzanine.

Best conditions for any type of goods – thats our storage services

Since our warehouse is one of the most high-tech in Poland, it is fitted with all the necessary facilities. The most important thing is a special humidity control system. Since the storage is air-conditioned, this system guarantees correct temperature and overall conditions for storing of various types of goods. Apart from that, there is a separate cool house in the storage, dedicated to unusual products which require non-standard storing conditions such as pharmaceuticals.

We care about your goods

Our storage services is fitted with a state-of-the-art security system and is protected 24/7. We cooperate with the finest companies who are responsible for the security of our storage, in order to eliminate any possible dangers. Each product accepted to our storage is being insured for its total value. The costs of this operation are covered by the ordering party. Additionally, goods that are taken into the warehouse are subject to constant quantitative control which we called constant inventory. In order to minimise the time needed to prepare the order for delivery, the goods are stored on shelves and pallets according to their popularity. This means that the goods that are send out most often are stored closest and in the best spot for pick-up.